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So, you want to become a digital nomad?

Anita be a digital nomad

Then you have come to the right website. 

Anita be a digital nomad was designed to be a one-stop resource for anyone interested in the digital nomad world. 

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have been in the industry for a while now, I promise you will learn something about how to be a digital nomad!

Gain freedom. Work from anywhere

I have been in the blogging industry for over 7 years now (more on that here) and have learned a fair few things from working online in that time. 

I noticed that there is a real gap in the digital nomad market and A LOT of people wanting more practical advice on how to become one or how to turn their digital nomad hobby to a full-time business.

 I’m a passionate blogger and I want to spread all that passion and knowledge off to you, so you can make a successful online business just like I did with my travel blog Anita Hendrieka!

Are you a newbie to the digital nomad world?

Why not start with my most popular article ‘how to start a blog’.  If you’re keen to become a blogger and have the freedom of running your own business, then that’s a great start for you.

I also have several other articles over on the blog section of this website.  There’s something for everyone – newbies, and old-time bloggers.

Another great place to start is to sign up for my newsletter!  I will send you a free digital nomad start-up kit in return, which includes a biz plan, stats tracker, a list of my favourite online tools and more!

My products and services

Did you know that I also offer e-Courses and e-Books?  

My e-course, Pinterested in growing, was made to teach you how to further your website traffic by using the powerful and underrated Pinterest!  It’s a tool which many overlook and don’t know how to use properly!


If you can’t commit to finishing an e-Course, then be sure to grab the e-Book version.  Download it and read it online or offline, it’s up to you.


Another course I recommend if you’re interested in making money through your website using affiliates, is Michelle’s Making sense of affiliates course.  It’s a fantastic thorough course which I found extremely useful!



Do you want to travel the world just by using your Instagram influence?!  Then I recommend the ‘Travel the world for free using Instagram’ e-course. You get a fantastic insight into the realm of Instagram marketing.

Anita be a digital nomad

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