6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad

6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad


When you’re a digital nomad there’s not really a rule-book on how you should run your business, so it’s important to constantly learn from other online entrepreneurs.  I find joining free webinars, signing up to email lists in order to get e-books and worksheets, and joining Facebook live chats all very useful.  It’s also hard sometimes to find the inspiration and motivation to carry on.  As a digital nomad, you are constantly being challenged and sometimes it feels like your drowning in a tonne of work.  There’s so much happening, you’re working hard, and you have a million tasks to do…Sound familiar?  That’s why I follow certain entrepreneurs because they help to motivate me to grow a better business and they point me in the right directionHere is a list of 6 online entrepreneurs to follow if you’re a digital nomad.



I have been following Marie for a few years now.  She is a very inspiring woman who has a great sense of humour and runs a successful online business where she helps people become who they want to be.  She’s an incredible writer and a resource of inspiration for me.  Her channel on You Tube is called Marie TV and every week she answers questions that most online small business owners have.  Marie is a great source of inspiration so make sure you check her out and subscribe to her weekly videos.


6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad


I first got onto Smart Passive Income by downloading their podcast so I had something interesting to listen to while walking my dog.  I love music but sometimes I want to learn something new, which is why I nearly always listen to podcasts nowadays.  Patt covers some great topics including marketing your blog, information about how to use certain social media and lots more!  Every time I listen to one of his podcasts I usually have a huge list of things to do on my phone and it makes me so motivated to keep going.



Pro Blogger is another podcast that I love to listen to which holds a huge amount of value and one I recommend you subscribe to if you’re a blogger.  Darren also has a great website that I am nearly 100% sure you will bookmark once you see it.  From learning how to make money, creating a successful blog, finding your readers and building a community, he covers it.  I could literally spend hours going through his website or listening to his podcasts.  It’s a valuable resource which I highly recommend you check out.


6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad


Melyssa is a very successful blogger who gives out a tonne of useful information on her website for free. She now also runs a few successful courses and is always positive and bubbly in the online world!  She earns over $170,000 a month from her blog, which is both incredible and inspirational.  She covers a lot about how to build your email list and posts all about her income reports so you can see exactly how she is earning her money.  I find income reports very motivational and useful if you’re a digital nomad.  It’s great to know how much people are getting paid for certain jobs and different income streams that entrepreneurs are using.  She also does lots of free webinars that I also find extremely useful too.



I have been following Kate for a couple of years and she an extremely successful blogger.  She has a great site called Secret Bloggers Business, which has a tonne of useful advice all to do with blogging.  She always does a lot of free webinars that always give me lots of ‘ah-ha!’ moments.  I have also been part of her free and paid courses that she runs and they have always been useful.  She runs a huge course called Bloggers MBA which she opens a couple of times a year.  She has helped me grow my blogging business hugely and has been a real help for me in the online world.



I LOVE this website.  I first got into it because I saw an ad on Facebook about her income reports (and I’m super nosey) so I clicked on her site.  Ever since then I have read nearly every blog post and recently signed up for her course, making sense of affiliates.  I was so excited that I finished it within 3 days and learned soooo much about affiliate marketing.  I had so many ‘ah-ha!’ moments whilst taking her course.  I highly recommend her course!


So, that’s my round up of my top entrepreneurs that I follow daily.  I am always on the lookout for new inspiration so if you have any recommendations then don’t hesitate to tell me below!


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6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad 6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad 6 Entrepreneurs To Follow If You’re a Digital Nomad


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