How Much Does it Cost to Run a Blog?

How much does it cost to run a blog


I often get asked the question of how easy and how much does it cost for a person to start a blog.  The great thing about becoming a digital nomad is it doesn’t need much of an investment to start your business. The cost of running a website really depends on how much time you have to do things yourself and how much work you are willing to put in with your own hands.

Here’s a breakdown of some costs of running a blog.  I have also included how much it personally costs me to run my travel blog Anita Hendrieka (40,000 page views a month) to give you an idea of how much it costs to run a blog!


Hosting (I pay $90USD per 3 months)

You must have hosting to start your website.  The hosting is a provider which provides you with a place on the internet basically.  You can get lots of different hosting depending on your traffic, wants and needs.

My recommendation:  I have used SiteGround for as long as I can remember.  They are affordable with prices for hosting starting at €3.95 per month.  Their customer service is amazing.  They have an online chat where you can ask about anything to do with your website and someone is always there to help straight away.

Another recommendation:  Bluehost is another option for hosting.  You can get hosting for $2.95 a month so it’s a little cheaper than SiteGround.  Again, it depends what your needs and wants are in a website.


Domain (I pay $16USD per year)

A domain is the website address which you will use which starts with www. And ends in .com (or whatever ending your pick!).  You usually purchase a domain for a minimum of a year.

My recommendation:  I use SiteGround and I have also used GoDaddy in the past for domains.  Some hosting accounts come with a domain for free so make sure you take your time and compare!  Bluehost hosting comes with 1 free domain!  Note it will only be free for a limited time and then most likely you will pay per year.


Mail service (I pay $14USD per month)

It’s important to have a mail service in place so you can collect peoples email address (who sign up with permission of course) to keep them in touch with your business.  Mail subscribers are the most engaged and they are going to be your main customers/readers.  Just think of this: imagine if Facebook, Instagram and twitter crashed tomorrow, how would you get back in touch with all those followers.  Therefore, you need to have peoples’ emails because email services will never crash!


My recommendation: I use Mailchimp and have done for years.  They are easy to set up and very affordable compared to others in the market.


How much does it cost to run a blog?

Social Media Scheduling

As your business grows you won’t want to be doing manual Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram posts – its takes too much time.  At the end of the day your time is valuable, and you should spend it more on getting new jobs instead of worrying about posting on social media.  Posting on social media is important to grow your business which is why I recommend using a social media scheduling service.


Buffer (I pay $15USD a month)

Buffer is a fantastic scheduling service. You can do Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter with buffer.  I use everything except for the Pinterest scheduling service as I use Tailwind (more on that below).  With buffer I spend a couple of hours at the start of the week scheduling every single post I want to go out on my social media accounts for the coming week.  It’s super easy to do and saves me hours!


Tailwind (I pay $15USD a month)

Pinterest is one of the best ways to market your website!  This is why I use a separate scheduling platform called tailwind.  It’s a lot ore in depth than buffer for my Pinterest scheduling.  The analytics section is amazing to keep track of your progress too.


Buffer and Tailwind both have a google chrome extension that you can download so if you find an interesting article or image you want to share you can do so by clicking the button and posting it your schedule, it’s so easy!


Boardbooster (I pay $5USD per month)

I also use Boardbooster for Pinterest scheduling except the great thing about Boardbooster is that I NEVER log back in.  Yup, that’s right.  Once Boardbooster is set up it then re-posts popular pins on autopilot and has a bunch of other cool features which you don’t have to look at once set up!


Storage space

When creating a website, you usually have a lot of pictures and other information you may not have room for on your laptop.  I use a mixture of One Drive and Google Drive to store all my extra files and photos.  I also have an external hard drive which has everything on it. I don’t keep any files or photos on my laptop as I find that just slows everything down 100 times!


How much does it cost to run a blog?

Microsoft office (I pay $7USD a month)

To use Microsoft 365, I get a monthly subscription.  This also included storage in one drive too so it’s very affordable.  I mostly use Microsoft word, excel and get 1TB of storage on one drive.


Photo editing (I pay $10USD a month)

If you’re editing photos like I am then you will need an editing software. There are plenty of free ones on the internet but the best paid one I think is adobe lightroom which is what I pay for every month.  I find it’s the easiest one to use.  I learnt to use this one in university so if you have never used adobe lightroom or Photoshop it can be a bit confusing at first.  There are plenty of free tutorial online!


Video Editing (I pay $40USD a year)

If you’re making videos, then make sure you include video software – it can be expensive.  If you’re advice, then you will want to use adobe.  As I’m not that advanced in video (yet) I use a program called Wondershare Filmora which I pay for yearly.  It’s super simple to use and has some really good effects included.


Advertising (I pay anywhere from $0 – $40USD a month)

You may want to pay for different forms of advertising whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram or maybe even hiring other influencers to advertise something for you.  The cost for this varies a lot.  Some months I don’t pay to advertise anything, some months I use Facebook advertising as pay between $10-40 a month.


 How much does it cost to run a blog?

Editors (I don’t have one)

If you would like someone to edit your articles, then you will need to hire an editor.  The fees for an editor can vary a lot also.  I use a free service called Grammarly which I find extremely useful.  If you want a more in depth editing service, then you can pay for their premium plan.


A virtual assistant (I don’t have one – yet!)

As you grow you may find some tasks take up too much of your time.  This is when a virtual assistant can be extremely useful to help you with anything from social media marketing to helping with emails.  If you’re only new, then you may want to wait further down the line!


The total yearly cost to run Anita Hendrieka – $1208 USD

Total monthly cost to run Anita Hendrieka – $101 USD

*Remember this is excluding advertising and any other random bills that I may have to pay.  This is the base of what it costs me to run my travel website which gets around 40,000 views per month.


So, there’s an in-depth look at how much a website can cost and how much I pay to run my travel blog Anita Hendrieka.  I hope this gave you an inside look at how much it can cost to run a blog.  Remember you don’t have to invest in most of these services if your new but as you grow you may want to adopt them!


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How much does it cost to run a blog?

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