Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World

Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


The best thing about being a digital nomad is having the freedom to live and work from anywhere around the world. The most productive thing you can do as a digital nomad is to base yourself somewhere for a period of time (not just a week). So, I have come up with the best locations for digital nomads around the world.


  • Some factors I have taken into consideration are:
  • Great Wi-Fi (the most important factor!)
  • Value for money and affordability
  • Things to do (it’s not all about work, it’s also about play!)
  • The place is overall interesting

Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


I am going to recommend Albania first because I have found this to be the best place I have worked in so far as a digital nomad, and its a location that not a lot of digital nomads know about yet. Albania has incredibly good internet which I found shocking. I really wasn’t expecting it. I pay 2000 lek (€16) per month for unlimited and the fasted speed of Wi-Fi in my apartment. All I had to do to set it up was ring the company (Meno) and a guy came out and set it up (no extra cost). Within a few hours it was set up and ready to go. So far, my internet has only been cut off for a few hours one time in the 4 months I have lived here. By UK or New Zealand standards that remarkable. Albania is also a great place in terms of value for money. For a 2-bedroom apartment, I pay €150 per month in the city of Saranda. I am close to many beautiful beaches and interesting historical features. The food is great, the people are friendly, and, in my opinion, this may just be the top location in Europe for digital nomads.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


Thailand overall is a popular place for digital nomads. But, in particular, Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. You will find a lot of other digital nomads living here mainly because of the affordability and just because Thailand is a beautiful place to be. The food is incredible and there’s a lot of variety in Chiang Mai. I not only ate Thai but also Israeli and Iraqi in the city! The visa restrictions are also a bonus for many foreigners too.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World

Bangkok is obviously another great option if you want to live more of a city life. Bangkok is fast-paced but does have more variety than Chiang Mai. You are also close to a lot of the beautiful beaches and the airport which provides VERY cheap flights throughout Asia and the rest of the world. It’s a great hub for digital nomads, there’s a lot of people working on their laptop in Bangkok!


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World

I have to be honest, Bali is not my most favourite place in the world. Mainly because a lot of places are now ruled by tourists and sometimes it’s hard to find the authentic side of Bali. Canguu is a popular tourist destination and spot for digital nomads so if you’re looking for authentic then this may not be the place, but bear in mind that although Canguu might lack Bali culture places nearby don’t. Many digital nomads pick Canguu because they have some epic co-working spots, quality food at very low prices and overall it’s value for money. I know of a lot of travel bloggers who have rented beautiful 5-star villas for months at a time for the same price you could stay in London for a couple of days (and obviously the London option wouldn’t have the lovely pool).


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


Another great place in Europe if you’re looking to stay put for a month or two. The city of Sofia is unique in itself. There are a lot of beautiful landmarks in the city, delicious food, cute cafes and you’re in a gateway city to explore other beautiful places in Bulgaria. The value for money is great here too. You can pick up an apartment for fairly cheap and internet is relatively good.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


Being a beach lover Tel Aviv does seem very attractive. Tel Aviv is a lively city in Israel with amazing food, oh the food. There’s great nightlife, the airport has some affordable flights to get you anywhere else in the world although the security is insane and expect to be questioned extensively. The price of living is a little high but the good times you will have here will make up for it.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


I could not leave Budapest off this list because it really does tick all the boxes of a digital nomad. There is SO much to do in the city and the great thing is that Budapest is a city for summer and the winter. It doesn’t matter when you come here really. It’s beautiful all year round. You will 100% get value for money here also. Budapest is affordable to live in and there is fantastic food – expect to eat mountains of goulash.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


This bustling city in Vietnam may be busy but if you’re looking for a city with life then pick Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese food is amazing which is a top reason to stay there just in itself. Vietnam is extremely affordable for digital nomads and there are a lot of things to do nearby too.


Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World


The capital city of Kosovo may not yet be a popular destination for digital nomads, but it should be in my opinion. Pristina is full of young, innovative people and delicious food. There is great nightlife and very friendly people. The only downside is the random power cuts but if you are flexible with times you are working then this is a great city to be in! It’s very affordable for digital nomads and great value for money.


There’s my list of 9 of the best locations for digital nomads. Some are unique, some are very popular for digital nomads already and some are not! Let me know if you have a location I should add to this list!


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Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World Best Locations for Digital Nomads Around the World

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