10 of the Best Blogging Tools

10 of the Best Blogging Tools


As a travel blogger, I am always using tools to help me further my blog or to save time. This is a list of the best blogging tools, some of which I have used for years!



This is by far my favourite scheduling tool for my Pinterest account. With the help of Tailwind and my strategy, I managed to triple my traffic to my blog through Pinterest. It’s really saved me a lot of time. Every Monday I spend about an hour scheduling all my pins and then I don’t have to think about Pinterest again until the following week. Tailwind also has some fantastic articles and they are always coming out with new tools within the platform (looping is their new one currently!). You can also schedule your Instagram posts through Tailwind too, however, I use Buffer for that currently which leads me onto my next blogging tool.



This is the scheduling tool I use for my Facebook accounts, Twitter and Instagram. This allows me to schedule everything for the week and not waste hours on the social media platforms because I get way too distracted if I go into Twitter every day (I know you probably do too). If there’s one thing I can recommend bloggers do it is to schedule all your social media because there are so many more important things you should be focusing your time towards, such as growing your email list, writing, and SEO.


10 of the Best Blogging Tools


Growing your email list is SO IMPORTANT. Imagine if social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram crashed tomorrow. How would you be able to get in contact with those followers again? The answer is you couldn’t unless you had their email address. I don’t only use MailChimp to make and send emails but also design sign up pages, automate email challenges and lots more. MailChimp is one of the most affordable email platforms too.



Want to know how I make pretty graphics for my posts and Pinterest? It’s on Canva and guess what, it costs me nothing because Canva is a free platform! They have pre-set sizes for all types of graphics that you might need to make.



Not everyone is a brilliant photographer so sometimes the use of stock photos is inevitable. I love Unsplash when I’m trying to find a certain image that I can include in a post that ISN’T copyrighted. Unsplash provides free stock photos that you are welcome to use on your site.



SEO is incredibly important and something you should be educating yourself on as a blogger. I use Google keyword planner mainly because its free but it’s also easy to use and to see how your keyword will hold up on the internet. It will tell you how much competition your keyword has and roughly how many searches the keyword gets per month.


10 of the Best Blogging Tools


This is a fantastic blogging tool. You can download their plugin on your site and within every blog post at the bottom of the page, it will tell how good your SEO is. It will give you suggestions on how you can make your SEO better. I highly recommend this one. It’s free also!


If you suck at grammar and spelling like me then Grammarly will be your new best friend and chief editor. Just beware that it doesn’t pick up absolutely everything like a proper editor would, but it is a good start. The service is free to use but they do have an option to get more detailed editing, by buying their premium feature where it will go more in-depth ($12 – $30 per month depending on how long you buy a plan for).


If you have read the 4-hour work week book then you will know what I’m talking about. To help productivity I time myself with an online egg timer! This way I get done what I need to get done in that specific time frame. I didn’t believe this would work so well when I first read about it but trust me, since using this technique I have tripled my productivity in the last two weeks.


This is a great tool to search for content ideas that are trending. I also find it useful to analyze other travel bloggers and see what’s working for them. It’s a great online tool for analyzing and it’s free!


There’s my big fat list of the best blogging tools I use daily! Most of these I have used for years and highly rate! Let me know below if you have any others to add to the list. I always love finding new tools!


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10 of the Best Blogging Tools 10 of the Best Blogging Tools 10 of the Best Blogging Tools

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