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Are e-courses an overload for you? Then maybe one of my e-books would be better suited for you. Grab one, download it and learn wherever you are in the world, online or offline!

Anita be a digital nomad

Free digital nomad start-up kit

We all love freebies! I have created a digital nomad start-up kit which includes a biz plan, stats tracker, list of the best tools and more! All you have to do is sign up to my newsletter and I'll deliver it straight to your inbox!

Anita be a digital nomad

How to start a blog

Always wanted to become a blogger but don't know where to start? This awesome guide will take you through the A-Z of starting a blog plus I give you my top 20 tips and tricks every blogger should know.

Helpful Articles

To help you on your digital nomad journey I have also written a number of helpful articles. From increasing your readership and traffic to social media, there's lots of useful information so make sure you give them a read!


You found yourself here because you want to learn how to become a full-time digital nomad right? This is why we have created practical e-courses to help you with each aspect of the digital nomad world!

Who am I?

Great question! My name is Anita Dykstra and I run the popular travel blog 'Anita Hendrieka'. I have been a blogger for over 7 years now and have immense experience in the blogging-sphere. Doing a job that I love has been important to me since I left college. Through determination and persistence I created my dream life by creating my dream job. With blogging I am able to live anywhere around the world, be flexible with my working hours and enjoy my life to the fullest. I am passionate about teaching others how they can do the same and create their dream job by starting a blog and becoming a full-time digital nomad too. All you need is passion, determination and a thirst to learn!